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Retro-fit your existing High Bay lights with the Sinoco patented LED High Bay globe which screws directly into your existing High Bay light fitting. 

Sinoco Lighting Technologies has been a pioneer in the LED Lighting industry and an industry leader for the past 10 years.  Our manufacturing plant covers more than 5000 square metres with a staff of more than 200.  Using Japanese technology combined with German and Japanese production equipment we produce over 2,000 LED replacement High Bay globes per month.


Sinoco LED lights are the most powerful and efficient on the market today.  With power savings greater than 80%, the Sinoco LED lights are up to 50% more efficient than other competitor LED High Bay lights.  Sinoco LED lights are  high quality Japanese design and considered to be the market leaders in LED technology.

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The Sinoco High Bay globe offers greater than 80% power savings and is a simple Retro-fit to your existing High Bay light.  No other product on the market offers this unique attribute.  Other LED High Bay products typically give a power saving of 50% and require that you purchase the complete light fitting.  In comparison to our product, this is often more expensive and inefficient option.

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Benefits of Retro-Fitting the Sinoco LED High Bay Globe

  • As a screw in globe, there is no need to buy whole new light fitting.  There is just a simple retro-fit modification to your existing light fitting.
  • More than 80% power savings and up to three tonnes of CO2 savings per annum for each light.
  • A reduction in substation, transformer, switchboard and cabling costs due to an 80% reduction in power consumption.
  • Up to 25% more light output than existing light fittings.
  • Our lights last up to 10 times longer than existing globes.
  • Experience a better quality of lighting with greater true colours.
  • Our lights improve OH&S concerns such as eye strain and below standard lighting.
  • Instant start and re-start eliminates the waiting time for your lights to come on.

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