LED High Bay Lights

The Future In LED High Bay Lights


Before you go any further let Sinoco explain why our LED globes are significantly superior to all other LED high bay lights!


Sinoco lights are a new generation of LED light, utilising the power of ultra bright LED’s.

Sinoco LED lights are so powerful they set the standard in energy savings and light output.

Do not be fooled by our Wattage! Sinoco LED lights are significantly brighter than CREE LED lights, in most cases we are up to 50% higher in light output.

Benefits of  Sinoco LED High Bay Lights

  • – Screw in globe
  •  – More than 80% power saving
  • – Much less heat generated in the work environment
  • – Considerably less deterioration of light quality with time
  • – Directional light means more light on the work surface
  • – Up to 25% more light output than existing light fixtures
  • – Reduced maintenance costs due to set and forget installation
  • – Better quality light with more true colours
  • – Less OH&S issues from eye strain and below standard lighting
  • – Simple retro fit to existing light fittings
  • – Instant start and re-start
  • – Fully certified – ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS
  •  -Variety of globe sizes shapes, light style and applications available
  •  -Proven applications worldwide with over 20 countries using this product
  •  -Worlds best quality production



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