This new advance in energy saving technology has now made the conversion to LED lighting an extremely attractive option.  Changing to our LED lighting technology will lead to positive financial, environmental and health  benefits.


By replacing conventional High Bay globes with Sinoco LED globes, you will reducing your energy consumption by more than 80%!  In addition, each High Bay globe you replace will prevent up to three tonnes of harmful greenhouse gases being released into the environment each year.

 Sinoco LED lights have a far greater lifespan than Conventional High Bay lights – In fact up to 10 times greater!

Sinoco LED lights are an environmentally friendly and a very safe lighting option.   Unlike conventional High Bay lights, our lights DO NOT contain mercury or any other environmentally hazardous materials.  Therefore, this eliminates the difficulties associated with disposal of such hazardous materials.

We are proud to announce that ALL Sinoco LED lighting products have been awarded the coveted RoHS (Reduction Of Hazardous Substances) approval!  This is the highest international standard that can be awarded for the reduction of hazardous substances.


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