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Low Bay

Sinoco LEDs are the most power efficient currently on the market, with power savings up to 80% on regular High Bay lights and up to 50% over other LED lights. Sinoco LEDs are high quality Japanese designed and are the market leaders in LED technology. Sinoco LEDs are considerably more efficient than their competitors. Sinoco […]

Flood Lights

The Sinoco flood light gives an 80% Power-saving No other product on the market offers this attribute, i.e all other LEDs only give a max of 50% power saving and you must purchase the complete light fitting, which is more expensive. Sinoco Lighting Technologies Australasia LED Lighting Suppliers LED Lighting Australia and New Zealand Contact […]

High Bay Lights

Retrofit your existing High Bay Lights. Sinoco’s patented LED High Bay globe screws directly into your existing High Bay Light fitting. Sinoco Lighting Technologies has been a pioneer in the LED Lighting industry and an industry leader for the past 10 years. Our manufacturing plant covers more than 4000 square metres with a staff of […]