Considerations when Choosing your Lighting

The process of selecting the correct light for your application can be a daunting experience.  Research suggests that 9 times out of 10 your existing lights are either incorrectly sized and positioned, and the output does not effectively illuminate the work area.  Sinoco LED Australasia encounters this issue with their customers on a daily basis.  Our personalised service ensures that we are here to help improve your lighting by recommending the most appropriate light for your intended application.

Sinoco LED Australasia encourages all of our customers to contact us directly to achieve the best and most cost effective lighting solution.  

When conducting your own research into LED High Bay, Low Bay, Flood or Outdoor lighting products, we would like you to advise you of a few VERY important issues to consider:

  • BE AWARE OF YOUR LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES!  This is particularly important as many lights are not approved or meet the Australian standards.  You have a legal responsibility as a purchaser to ensure that your lights comply with all relevant regulations or laws.  We caution that you may be held legally responsible in the unfortunate circumstance of there being any associated damage or injuries related to your light purchase decision.  Sinoco LED Australasia has insured that our products are compliant with current legislation – both locally and internationally.  Sinoco LED lights comply with Australian regulations and have  the Australian Standard of approval as well meeting necessary requirements for international standards.
  • Consider the LED light WattageBy purchasing a cheaper higher Wattage light, it doesn’t mean you will save the most money.  The most significant saving will be long term on your power bill, NOT the initial installation cost.  Sinoco LED lights have the highest light output per watt that is currently available.
  • Do you have support?  Sinoco LED Lighting Australasia is on the ground and local and dedicated to ensuring our customers satisfaction with our products.  Sinoco LED Lighting prides itself on our excellent customer service and offers full technical and engineering support throughout Australasia.
  • Make sure the product you are buying is in fact the correct product!  Sinoco LED Australasia has encountered many factory lights that fraudulently claim to be equivalent to other LED lights.  Sadly, buyers are frequently mislead and unhappy to discover they have purchased an inferior product.  Sinoco does not hide our lighting prowess and we welcome being trialed against other competitors.
  • Be aware of your warranty!  We advise that you careful examine  warranties, especially if you import directly from overseas.  Some of our customers have experienced competitors that will not honour their warranties for various reasons and others may not be helpful in the event of a claims process.  In the unlikely event of a warranty claim being required, Sinoco LED are more than happy to help and will work with their customers to ensure that the matter is resolved in a professional and timely manner.  The Sinoco LED Australasia warranty is real and we will honour it!


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